Storybook Theater
Important information All sprites belong to their respective owners. Zero belongs to Capcom.


By applying and\or joining this comic, you give full permission for the use of any and all of your entered characters within this comic, and agree to all terms listed above and below. If for any reason you quit, are ejected, or incapacitated during a performance, the performance WILL CONTINUE WITH YOUR SPRITES. After the performance, your sprites will be removed and your characters will be removed from the cast. This is a legal disclaimer removing any and all room for complaint and prevents authors from ruining performances by withdrawing their characters. This is for the sake of the viewers, and, unless special permission is given by Eternal Cry, all terms must be followed including the rules listed in the comic itself.

Any script turned into Eternal Cry for the purpose of performance is subject to alteration for any of the listed reasons:
1. The available actors cannot fill all of the roles
2. Scenes depicted in the script cannot be done via sprite(This is unlikely, but is listed just in case)
3. The content is considered very mature and must be censored
4. A plot-hole is apparent and must be filled

Understand that any and all major changes to the script will be consulted with the script's author.
Submitting a script to Eternal Cry or any other author for the purpose of performance releases permission to the authors of Storybook theater to perform the play without hindrance by the original author of the script or any friend\family member of the original author.

Credit to any and all assistance in each play will be listed at the end of the play and on the Productions page.

Trolling, spamming, harassment, abuse, over abundance of foul language, or any inappropriate behavior in the comments or comics is punishable by banishment from commenting rating, and comic posting on this comic. I honestly hope that I will never be forced to ban someone, but I will not hesitate if I need too. Arguments are also prohibited in the comments, but critique is welcome, as long as you are not mean about it. The authors here are not very sensitive, but other views may attempt to come to our defense, instigating a fight.

This comic is purely for fun, and, unless stated otherwise, all opinions and views expressed in this comic are not shared by the comic author.

These conditions are subject to change.