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Casting changes and important request

There have been some slight changes in the casting, primarily because new roles appeared and I needed certian kinds of people for certain roles.
Here are the changes and additions.

WAS: Azen
NOW: Zera
Pastor Played by: Azen

Captian of the Guard Played by: Shade

Party Guests Played by: Andra, Casey, Jen, Rayne, Thattius

Royal Guard Played by: Cloak, Djong

NOTE: I am looking for SIX MALE CHARACTERS. Human or Anthro preferred. PM Eternal Cry with your sprites, don't bother including personality, since your cameo will be acting.
Title the PM CAMEO and add the word at the bottom to ensure you actually read this, without this mark, your cameo will be rejected. You must make it appear identical.


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